Vibration Therapy


Targeted Vibration Therapy

Unlike other massage based techniques that seek to help reduce muscle spasm and improve the health of muscle tissue that require sometimes painful pressure and moments, vibration therapy is very different. Using a handheld device differing vibration intensities are applied to the muscles with the patient comfortably relaxed. Often when suffering from back pain, or severe sciatica, movement can be difficult and sometimes impossibly painful. The versatility of vibration therapy allows for therapeutic benefit to be delivered in any position, without the need for the patient to participate in the movement for effective treatment. Additionally there are no painful pressure points or simple use of brute force, done correctly, this therapy can make remarkably swift changes in your muscle function and health.

Why Is Vibration Therapy An Important Treatment?

If you’ve seen videos on the Back In Shape YouTube channel or watched some of the Back In Shape Podcast episodes, you’ll know how frequently we insist that muscles are not the cause of your back pain. They just are not. However, the inescapable fact is that their tightness and poor function certainly is an unhelpful part of back pain or sciatica. Being able to work on the muscles in an effective and efficient way that is pleasant for the patient makes this a therapy that fits in to the treatment approach we offer perfectly complimenting the other modalities we use at Back In Shape.

It’s not only in the early days of back pain recovery that vibration therapy has a role, it can also play an optimising role later on in your rehabilitation journey, helping your muscles respond optimally to the hard work your doing at home or in the gym. 


Enhancing Your Muscle Health & Function

When muscle or tendon tissue is thickened it loses its elasticity and becomes rough and rope-like, the adhesions needs to be broken down to restore its healthy state, so that the layers of muscle can glide effortlessly over one another.  Releasing these thickened connective tissue adhesions, helps your muscles feel looser and more free.

Vibration therapy increases blood flow to help flush out waste products in the affected area and also bring more nutrients including oxygen to stimulate a recovery response. Vibration feels pain free, although some find it slightly ticklish in specific areas, our percussive vibration therapy uses different vibration intensities that can be adjusted to your comfort.


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Benefits Of Vibration Therapy

Increased Blood Flow

Improving blood flow to and through your muscles to provide nutrition more effectively and aid in efficient waste removal.


Improved Joint Mobility

Breaking down scar tissue & adhesions between soft tissue layers improves the way they work, restoring healthy movement.


Reduce Muscular Pain & Inflammation

As your pain and inflammation subside the muscles can begin to repair and respond better to your rehab, reducing the strain on your back.


Relaxes Thickened Connective Tissue

Allowing for improved soft tissue health and resilience in general. This translates further to better functioning soft tissues with greater resilience.


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