Help & Faqs


We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions related to various topics to provide you with quick and reliable information. Our goal is to address your queries. Remember if it’s not below you can always reach out to the team via the contact us page.

We recommend that for the initial consultation & treatment you allow 90 minutes.

We recommend you allow 45 to 60 minutes for subsequent visits.

Most patients self-fund treatment, however, some patients which do have insurance are able to claim various amounts of the treatment cost back (depending on premiums and a number of other unique personal circumstances).  

It is always best to speak to the insurance company to make them aware you are seeking treatment.

Any imaging reports of scans themselves should be either sent digitally ahead of your appointment or brought with you on the day.

This is entirely dependent on your case history and your objectives going forwards as well as how closely you adhere to additional rehabilitation guidance.

Yes, members are more than welcome to book in with the team, simply reach out to us via the contact or appointment booking pages.

Let us know you’re a Back In Shape Premium member when you do!

Fees are simple and can be found via the main menu

Fixing Low Back Pain


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