What To Expect


You Back Is In Safe Hands

Whether it is your first appointment with us, you’re coming in for a couple of sessions, or you pop in every now and again for “care of self” or “maintenance” sessions the team are there to put you and your back health first every step of the way.


These are often your first appointment with us, where we work to understand your case, perform examination as well as identify factors that are preventing recovery.

Treatment Sessions

A blend of 4 treatment technologies, treatment sessions are all about the treatment, using these great tools to help get you out of pain and optimise healing.

Exercise Sessions

These sessions focus on the rehabilitation that you're doing at home troubleshooting, refining and working to make sure you get results that last.


Optimise your back or neck health with us

One of the invaluable services we offer is the maintenance sessions. Modern life, exacts a toll on our bodies, particularly our lower backs. The maintenance treatment visits are your way of having a once over to get everything working as well as possible. These work well every fortnight, month or six weeks, depending on the demands you place on your body.


What Your First Consultation Will Look Like

Your first appointment with us is typically a longer session to make time for the necessary consultation & examination.

This could include review of any scans or images that you’ve had or referral for imaging where appropriate.  Our aim is to be as thorough as possible in order to give you both the best treatment and the best recommendations going forwards.

Consultation & Case History

Gather information on possible causative factors & injury context.

Examination & Testing

To understand where your problem is coming from.

Tailored Treatment

Initial treatment targeted to your injury & factors preventing recovery.


The Back In Shape Program

We know that the Advanced Osteopathic treatments, including the K-Laser Therapy & IDD Therapy, coupled with the complete Back In Shape Program gives you the best available treatment and tools to make your back pain or sciatica a thing of the past.

Expert Back Health Support

Back In Shape Program
Patients nowadays know that they need to have the tools to continue their improvement outside the clinic room. For this there is no better resource available. As such, all new patients are given complimentary access for 28 days to our program of back rehabilitation, trusted by patients, GP's, Chiropractors & Surgeons all over the world.

Open for Appointments

Take control of your back health by booking an appointment with our team today.


Delivering The Best Non-Invasive Spine Care

Treatment sessions with us, either for pain relief or maintenance will follow a similar schedule.

Beginning working on the surrounding muscles and joints, honing in on the target tissues for healing & finally decompressing the spine, you’ll find these a holistic experience to say the least!

Combined Therapy Approach

We specialise in an unique combination of technology for your spine health.

Mobilisations & Optimisations

Optimising function of surrounding joints & soft tissues to reduce strain.

Targeted Healing

Directly interface with injured tissues to ease local pressure & accelerate healing.


Need Help With Your Back Pain Or Sciatica?

Fixing Low Back Pain


Just what you need if you’ve been struggling with any of the following: