Unique Integrated Approach To Back & Neck Injuries & The Pain They Cause

Joint Mobilisation

Joint Mobilisation

Computerised Spine Adjustment
Your spinal joints are designed to move together. Areas of stiffness increase strain on injured segments slowing your recovery.

Unload The Column

IDD Therapy
Relieve the load of gravity through spinal decompression giving respite to the strained, herniated & degenerate spinal discs.

Accelerate Injury Healing

K Laser Therapy
Target injured tissues in the lower back at the root cause to optimise the healing process & reduce pain safely.

Mobilise Muscles

Percussion Vibration Therapy
Releasing stiffness & spasm reduces the continuous strain on the injured low back or neck, enhancing recovery.

Understand Your Spine

Spine Imaging Analysis
Understanding your spine health through imaging can be particularly helpful in long-lasting cases that aren't getting better.

Build Long-term Resilience

Back In Shape Program
Carefully restore strength and integrity to your spine, surrounding muscles & joints.


The Most Complete Approach For You

The 4 central modalities that we use at Back In Shape each bring a different benefit to your recovery and are used together to great effect. They work both indirectly and directly to optimise you’re healing & recovery.


Need Help With Your Back Pain Or Sciatica?

Fixing Low Back Pain


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