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Safe Spinal Adjustments

Your spine is designed to be mobile, all of the joints between the many vertebra of the spine as a whole should work with one another to allow for normal healthy movement. However, our modern sedentary lives often give rise to areas of rigidity within the spine and joints of the body in general. Common manual techniques tend to involve rapid movements to release the stiff vertebral joints, these movements are sometimes considered a little too vigorous for patients. This is where the use of targeted instruments comes in to provide an all in all more pleasant experience with arguably greater immediate and noticeable benefits.

A Safer Way To Release Stiff Spinal Joints

Spinal Impulse Adjusting offers us an invaluable tool to mobilise stiff areas of the spine that are quietly putting more strain on the areas that are injured. This machine allows us to target specific parts of your spine to either; mobilise and free a stiff joint, or adjust an “out of line” spine towards the normal alignment, for example to support a natural curve in your neck or lower back.

We will utilise spinal impulse adjusting in combination with our other therapies as part of the combines approach. Traditionally, manipulations (clicks & pops) were used in chiropractic & osteopathy, however these treatment techniques are often uncomfortable and carry risks.

By using technology, a controlled, repeatable treatment that’s more pleasant for the patient can be delivered. It’s these technological advances that allow us to deliver results that previously have not been possible, especially for those with particularly bad low back and neck pain.

This technology opens up spinal adjustments, and all the benefits, to a group of patients that previously would struggle with receiving traditional adjustments.


An Antidote To Daily Life

This treatment works by delivering a series of impulses or gentle movements to a targeted area, this can be done with or without movement from the patient. You’ll feel a tapping sensation on the region being treated. 

Injuries often occur where regions of stiffness focus movement to regions of mobility. These stiffnesses develop from our daily lives, the more repetitive your days are, the more likely these are to build up in your body and stiffness set in. My gently intervening and targeting movement through the individual joints of the spine you can improve the mobility of areas that are not injured, but stiff.

The effect of this is that the injured segment has some of the burden lifted from it as other joints start taking their fair share of the movement again. This gives rise to a protective benefit post treatment and combines perfectly with the other therapies to complete the treatment process.


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