Advanced Osteopathy


Our Osteopathic Treatment

At Back In Shape Cheltenham we combine the timeless principles of Osteopathic medicine with the breakthroughs in science & technology of our modern era.

We always aim to help patients start on the road to recovery as soon as possible. This is why treatment begins on day one. Typically you will notice a difference from the first visit although some very chronic conditions may require a couple of treatments to build momentum.


Specialist Back Pain Clinic

For those struggling with lower back pain or sciatica, our osteopathic technologies offer a uniquely effective natural treatment to target the source of back pain or sciatica.

Diagnoses such as herniated discs or slipped discs, as well as degenerative disc disease & stenosis are common conditions patients visiting us suffer from.

Thanks to these great technologies, compared to traditional hands on approaches, we’re able to reliably target the injured tissues in  ways that did not used to be possible for more effective results & lasting relief.


What You Can Expect

Your first appointment with us is typically a longer session to make time for the necessary consultation & examination.

This could include the review or referral for imaging to better understand your case as is necessary. 

Depending on the case you will usually be offered conservative treatment to begin the process of recovery. This will be discussed and is included in your appointment.

Consultation & Case History

Gather information on possible causative factors & injury context.

Examination & Testing

To understand where your problem is coming from.

Tailored Treatment

Initial treatment targeted to your injury & factors preventing recovery.


The Back In Shape Program

We know that the Advanced Osteopathic treatments, including the K-Laser Therapy & IDD Therapy, coupled with the complete Back In Shape Program gives you the best available treatment and tools to make your back pain or sciatica a thing of the past.

Expert Back Health Support

Back In Shape Program
Patients nowadays know that they need to have the tools to continue their improvement outside the clinic room. For this there is no better resource available. As such, all new patients are given complimentary access for 28 days to our program of back rehabilitation, trusted by patients, GP's, Chiropractors & Surgeons all over the world.

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Take control of your back health by booking an appointment with our team today.


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