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Founders Of Award Winning Back Care

Before the disruptions of 2020, Lara & Michael had experience building and running a successful clinic in central London. The Clinic was built to provide those with back and neck pain the best non-invasive treatment available. As a result they had people from around the UK, celebrities and even foreign royalty travel to London specifically for this treatment approach and the team’s expertise.


The Mayfair Method

Originally coined in a 2018 Daily Telegraph newspaper feature The Mayfair Method referred to a unique use of 4 technologies, each bringing a different benefit to the treatment session. This was developed to provide the most complete treatment for someone with low back or neck injuries because each intervention worked on a different part of the problem. Ultimately this is what lead to The Mayfair Clinic being awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise back in 2020.


Building Back In Shape Program

Unfortunately, the clinic was not to make it out of the pandemic, however the Back In Shape Program was created as a means of sharing this vast expertise in an era of such uncertainty.

Recently, Back In Shape has helped people from the UK and around the world with their back pain. As a result of this, Back In Shape expanded into a new Cheltenham Studio in September of 2023 in a bid to continue to provide more and more value to members, but it came with an unforeseen opportunity.

Not only does the new studio have the complete Podcast Studio, Livestream Studio and Workout Studio for filming content & supporting members. It also opens up the opportunity for members and the public to visit.

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