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Technology Led Approach

The best combination of technology for back & neck pain built on over 10 years of experience.

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Have access to our expert team through the Back In Shape Program at home too!


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Many of our members from around the world work with us through the Online Program. At the Studio you can come to experience our unique treatment approach to support your back health or help get you out of a crisis.


Healing Low Back Pain

Joint Mobilisation

Free the stiffness that builds up from daily life, unblocking the healing process.

Muscle Mobilisation

Releasing stiffness & spasm reduces the continuous strain on the injured low back or neck.

Unloading The Column

Relieve the load of gravity giving respite to the strained, herniated & degenerate spinal discs.

Accelerate Injury Healing

Optimise the healing process of injured tissues by targeting the root cause of the problem.

Build Long-term Resilience

Carefully restore strength and integrity to your spine, surrounding muscles & joints.

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We are delighted to announce that our doors are open, and we’re ready to help you get your Back In Shape.


Your First Appointment

Our aim is to understand the complexity of your case, this may include reviewing scans that you’ve previously had. Covering past episodes, and understanding what things have a positive & negative impact on the pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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We recommend that for the initial consultation & treatment you allow 90 minutes.

We recommend you allow 45 to 60 minutes for subsequent visits.

Most patients self-fund treatment, however, some patients which do have insurance are able to claim various amounts of the treatment cost back (depending on premiums and a number of other unique personal circumstances).  

It is always best to speak to the insurance company to make them aware you are seeking treatment.

Fees are simple and can be found via the main menu


What Customers Say About Us.

Heathcliffe J.
Heathcliffe J.
Back In Shape Review
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It’s been the best quality of feedback & value for money I’ve experienced in trying to sort back issues for the last 12 years.
Kate R.
Kate R.
Back In Shape Review
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"Highly professional team & give every one the utmost care & attention. Total support in looking after your back!"
Samuel A.
Samuel A.
Back In Shape Review
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My experience was excellent. I got rid of back pain and episodes of crisis I constantly suffered before joining.


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Carefully restore strength and integrity to your spine, surrounding muscles & joints with our renowned program membership.


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