Chronic Back Pain


Lower Back Pain Treatment

At Back In Shape Cheltenham, we specialise in treating the source of back pain using a combination of the best non-invasive treatment technologies to target the source of lower back pain.

The way in which most cases of lower back pain are treated these days in the first instance only serves to increase the likelihood of back pain becoming chronic. That being said, if you start taking the right actions you can turn it around and this is something we’ve seen time and time again with patients and members alike who’ve 5, 10 or even 20 year histories of chronic low back pain. 

Most commonly these cases are initially dismissed as muscle spasm, stretches and practices such as child’s pose or massages are tried and fail. The good news is, if you’re struggling with lower back pain that’s been a feature past that 12 week (3 month) mark, the sooner we start doing the right treatment & rehabilitation protocols, the better.


Relieve The Source Of Pain

Often low back pain is allowed to become chronic and worsen because the wrong approach is taken. Treatment, exercises or stretching focuses on “tight muscles” at the expense of the underlying problem. If you’re to find lasting relief for lower back pain this needs to change.

Your Lower Back Pain Explained

The simple truth when it comes to “lower back pain” is that it can vary from one person to the next. Some will find that it is sharp and local to one side or another, others find a deep aching strap across both sides of the lower back. Many will feel that the pain goes into the hip, buttock, or even groin region, and others completely down the leg. Then there is the variation in what precisely causes the pain to worsen. Some it is sitting, others sitting makes it feel better, for some walking is terrible, and others find it makes their back pain more bearable.

With all this variation from one person to the next it is no wonder people struggle to find relief, running from pillar to post as well meaning practitioners or health professionals chase symptoms instead of the cause.

The simple truth however is that back pain is caused by a lower back injury, whichever specific set of symptoms you have, and over the years, we’ve seen them all, one thing is true. When you treat the back injury, and help it heal with the right therapies, you find people recover from their back pain. 

Common Mistakes That Worsen Back Pain

  • Stretching: Hamstring, calf, and buttock stretches might provide short-term relief but often make things worse because they typically involve rounding the lower back. 

  • Piriformis Stretch: This stretch, often prescribed for sciatica, has the same back-flexing problem.

  • Core Exercises That Round The Back: Exercises like sit ups, leg raises, planks and pelvic tucks are among the common ones.

All these activities share a major flaw: they flatten your lower back, eliminating its natural curve and allowing more space for the irritated nerve. You become hooked on the temporary relief, while unknowingly undermining your recovery.


A Complete Recovery Approach

At Back In Shape Cheltenham we treat the cause of low back pain combining our 4 great treatment therapies into one treatment session for maximum benefit. We also follow this up with the renowned “Back In Shape Program” to provide you with the correct rehabilitation proven to work with thousands of members around the world. So when you visit us, you know your in good hands.

Healing The Source

We use the best Class IV Laser therapy to target the source of your sciatica painlessly.

Decompress The Spine

We us IDD Therapy to gently take pressure of the low back discs & spine segments.

Mobilise Stiff Joints

We use the adjusting instrument to ensure good movement through surrounding joints.

Reduce Muscle Spasm

We use the vibration & massage instruments to reduce muscle tension & stiffness.


What To Expect

After making your appointment you will be sent email confirmation including directions on how to find us, please do your best to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment time.

Expect your first visit to us to last between 60 and 90 minutes, this is to allow for enough time to discuss your case history, perform necessary examination, as well as discuss & deliver your first complete treatment.

After this, future treatment sessions will be focused around the treatments we deliver, to maximise your time with us, these sessions will usually last 45 to 60 minutes.

Fix Your Back Pain

Arrange an appointment today and start treating the source of your chronic back pain with our team at Back In Shape Cheltenham


IDD Therapy

Spinal Decompression

K-Laser Therapy

Class IV Laser

Vibration Therapy

Relax Muscle Tension

Spine Analysis

Understand Your Spine

Fixing Low Back Pain


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